How does Internet + thinking help the healthy development of textile enterprises?

2022-04-14 17:01

As the name implies, textile enterprise refers to a kind of manual industry enterprise serving human wearing. Spinning and weaving, making clothes, hiding the ugly and decorating the beauty, keeping out the cold and wind, preventing insects and protecting bodies are probably the important motivations of the origin and development of textile.

In recent years, the textile market has been impacted to a certain extent, but the high-end customized textile market just needs to grow stably, and the high-end customized textile industry also shows a vigorous development trend, which promotes the recovery of the whole textile industry. Online Textile City's online transaction volume exceeded 17.5 billion in 2015, and it is expected to achieve an online transaction volume of 40 billion yuan by 2017.

Although the textile industry is developing well at present, Qian Tangping, a world-renowned e-commerce promotion expert (note: Qian Tangping, a well-known e-commerce expert, has successfully hatched many well-known brands at home and abroad and has many years of rich experience.) Previously, in an interview, he said that there are great differences between textile enterprises and their high-end customized textiles. These differences are not only the advantages of high-end customized textiles, but also the challenges of high-end customized textiles. At present, the compliance of textile industry still needs to be improved. On the one hand, it is to improve the compliance of product quality, and on the other hand, it is the compliance of human production.

Challenges and Opportunities Coexist. How the traditional textile industry should break the inherent pattern and stand out from the tight encirclement has become an urgent problem to be solved in many textile industries.

How to solve many problems faced by textile enterprises with Internet thinking? Qian Tangping, an expert, believes that integrating and developing the supply chain to form a mode of centralized order, diversified purchase and key distribution can make the textile industry develop healthily under the sun.

Qian Tangping believes that traditional textile enterprises used to have a high Internet cost, while small and medium-sized textile enterprises may face the cost of not being able to find a cheap network platform and network transportation. The network promotion mode hosted by the third party can be said to be a direction of future development. Through the one-stop cooperation mode on the Internet, all links of the supply chain can be connected, which not only reduces the personnel management cost of textile enterprises, but also makes the product quality controllable.

Influenced by the rapid development of the Internet, the traditional industry is facing many impacts today, especially the textile industry. The one-stop cooperation, an innovative mode of Internet thinking, can be said to broaden the thinking and take a new path for the traditional textile industry to meet the development opportunity of "Internet Plus. (Source: China textile Network)

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